Skinny Ass Salad Dressing Recipes

  Raw salads are amazing! They’re truly a miracle food. All those beautiful veggies just waiting to get in your body to nourish and heal you. Behold the beauty!   But salads can be a crime against humanity if they’re loaded with goopy, fa...

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Green Juice Buying Tips From a Junkie

  I swear by green juice. I love the stuff more than wine – and that’s saying a lot. I may be addicted to it, but I’m ok with that! Most times I make it at home, but sometimes I just don’t. Or can’t. Or I’m ou...

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Trader Joe is My Boyfriend

  I love Trader Joe’s! It’s my main grocery store for one reason – it’s the most reliable and affordable place where I can load up on organic veggies. Plus the people at my store are friendly and always smiling! I’m...

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Hot and Sexy Hummus – You Know You Want It

    Hummus can either be an amazing, healthy dip or a damn disaster (if you buy it from the store and it’s loaded with chemicals, preservatives and flavoring) This is my favorite base recipe for hummus that will make you look hot. It’s no...

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Serving Up Skinny Cocktails + Apps

A girl’s gotta be able to having a little fun – even if she’s in weight loss mode, right? YES!  Here’s some cocktails and appetizers to get the party started – all perfectly a-ok for creating a slimmer body. That is unle...

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Recruit a Friend and Lose Together

  I was 22 years old. Fresh out of college and in the big city doing my damn best to be a sophisticated grown up woman at my first professional job (you can’t count being a car hop at my small town A&W as professional). But the new lov...

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Healthy Options at Starbucks – Updated!

When you're in a pinch, find yourself a Starbucks (there's an app for that!). There's probably one close by and you can avoid some other worse alternative on-the-go food options (I'm talking to you Ronald McDonald, ya creeper)....

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