Holiday Stress – Screw That Tradition

  How is it possible that a season whose mascot is a laughing, jolly guy in a red suit can be so downright filled with stress, worry and anxiety? These restless emotions lead us to the candy dish when we’re not hungry. They have us pour another...

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Hey! You’re Enough

You are enough. You are kind, smart, hilarious, capable, sweet, lovable and amazing enough! You’re probably running around, trying to get everything on your holiday to-do list crossed off. And perhaps you feel like you’re inadequate becau...

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Holy Crap – Here’s the Holidays

  As if regular life weren’t challenging enough. Then every year on the day after Halloween, the holidays come barreling in, full-steam ahead like a locomotive covered in red and green glitter! I did a webinar that was full of practical ti...

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Shitty Christmas Cookie Invasion

  Do you feel violated by the onslaught of holiday sweets yet? Every damn place that you look or go, a sugary confection is all up in your face just begging you to eat it. There are those seemingly cute and innocent gingerbread men who are just...

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25 Skinny Holiday Recipes

  Girl! I know that you want to eat some treats over the holidays. I do, too (especially sugar cookies!). But how do you indulge without it going straight to your ass or muffin top? Easy! Make some yummy treats – but in a healthier kind of...

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Free Holiday Party Survival Kit + Recipes

  I would bet five golden rings that you’ve been invited to some holiday parties that will be hotbeds of boozy egg nog and cheese platters. Ho-ho-holy crap, right? Well don’t worry because I made you a Holiday Party Survival Kit so t...

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Ho-Ho-Holy Shit Here’s My Book

  It’s honestly my greatest thrill and honor to be able to be in service to women all over the world! Today was a big milestone for me and my contribution—my first book on Amazon was published! WOOT! It’s available to women all over...

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