13 Freakishly Easy Halloween Recipes

Sure it's ok to enjoy a fun-sized Snickers bar or two, but there are lots of fun, healthy Halloween treats that can help you from chowing down the whole entire bag of tiny candy bars. Here's some ideas!...

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You Don’t Have to Say “Arrivederci” to Pasta

  Pasta lovin’ girl, don’t despair! You don’t have to break up with your bad-boy starchy sweetheart completely. Pasta is a really nice dish even though you know deep down that you’d be better as just friends. Girl, you need to date other...

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Book Review – The Skinny Confidential

There are so many things to hate about Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential. She's naturally drop-dead gorgeous. She eats Flaming Hot Cheetos and is still thin as a rail. Her fashion and design sense is a seemingly effortless, yet perfect balance of S...

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Before & Afters Are Dumb – But Here’s One

I usually don't share before and after pictures of my clients. But often times my clients will share pictures with me and occasionally I ask their permission to share. That happened today....

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Choose Your Hard

Being heavier than you want is hard. Buying bigger clothes is hard. 

Skipping your kids events because you’re embarrassed about your weight is hard. Hiding in the back of a group photo is hard. Feeling like your inside don’t match your o...

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Tell Your Scale to Go to Hell

Dear Scale, I don’t like who I am with you in my day-to-day life. We’re breaking up! I broke up with my scale – that dirty whore. I used to let that drugstore piece of plastic determine how I felt about myself. It was a whole proces...

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Skinny Ass Salad Dressing Recipes

  Raw salads are amazing! They’re truly a miracle food. All those beautiful veggies just waiting to get in your body to nourish and heal you. Behold the beauty!   But salads can be a crime against humanity if they’re loaded with goopy, fa...

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