Ho-Ho-Holy Shit Here’s My Book

  It’s honestly my greatest thrill and honor to be able to be in service to women all over the world! Today was a big milestone for me and my contribution—my first book on Amazon was published! WOOT! It’s available to women all over...

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Getting Dressed: You’re Doing It All Wrong

  We all have an area of our bodies that we don’t absolutely love. Poochy belly. Hefty thighs. Bootylicious butt. That almost impossible-to-lose armpit fat. Cankles. Covering it up seems like the rational thing to do. I mean, if your shirt cover...

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Slimmed-Down Thanksgiving Menu + Recipes

  I’ve done the work for you! Here’s a slimmed-down Thanksgiving menu + recipes. Now that’s something to be thankful for! Enjoy. Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Casserole – perfect for Thanksgiving morning ⅔ cup warm water 2 tabl...

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Am I Crazy? Or It Is My Thyroid?

  At the end of September, I went in for my yearly doc appointment (including a gyno exam and a mammogram boob smashing). Oh joy! My worry is always about the big C, given my own brush with cervical cancer and my mom dying from breast cancer. Al...

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You Don’t Have to Say “Arrivederci” to Pasta

  Pasta lovin’ girl, don’t despair! You don’t have to break up with your bad-boy starchy sweetheart completely. Pasta is a really nice dish even though you know deep down that you’d be better as just friends. Girl, you need to date other...

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Before & Afters Are Dumb – But Here’s One

I usually don't share before and after pictures of my clients. But often times my clients will share pictures with me and occasionally I ask their permission to share. That happened today....

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Choose Your Hard

Being heavier than you want is hard. Buying bigger clothes is hard. 

Skipping your kids events because you’re embarrassed about your weight is hard. Hiding in the back of a group photo is hard. Feeling like your inside don’t match your o...

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